Free music platform for composers

100 percent royalties (after withholding of 20 percent VAT and 5 percent fees for music rights collecting organizations).
To keep it simple, every fourth sale is sent to Emotuned's Paypal™ account (you can check the seller account displayed on Paypal page afer clicking Buy button).

Manage your files : either use Dropbox™ (upload through drag&drop), or ask for hosting on Emotuned server (additional fees - free for early composers).

Samples libraries / synth patches

You can now sell samples libraries and synth/plugins patches.
Same 25 percent withholding applies (20 percent VAT plus 5 percent fees for Emotuned platform management - these larger files are stored on Emotuned server, ask for free ftp access).

You may also create hybrid releases : songs, corresponding instruments samples or presets, and even midifiles for easy covering.

You don't just buy, you fund !

You get free access to later updates (enhanced and or/ new tracks and instruments).

Unique pricing for music ($/€ 0.5 per song) and fair pricing for instruments samples and patches ($19-79).

Music and samples are 16-24 bit lossless.